Are inefficiencies having a negative impact on profitability and your true growth potential?

Let me bring this to your attention by doing a free assessment into your sales environment



The Sales assessment report

Everybody knows that there is no perfect sales team – so there are inefficiencies within your current sales environment. The question is, is there sufficient cause for change? To bring this to your attention:

I can complete an assessment into your sales situation (approx..90 minutes), focussing on skills methodology, sales process and performance management.

The sales process

What I am looking for here is a documented sales process that is being followed by the sales team and monitored by sales management. Without this, best practice has not been established and sellers are defaulting to their own processes. Now you have multiple processes. While being unproductive, multiple processes are also impossible to manage effectively.

Skills methodology

Ninety nine percent of sellers today assume that if they present a strong business case, that this is sufficient to provide buyers with enough conviction to make buying decisions in their favour. This is simply not the case

In my skills methodology assessment, I will be examining these two areas:

  • the team’s traditional selling skills to present a business justification, which must be airtight to drive a confident buying decision. Many experienced sellers are simply not effective when it comes to a financial justification of the company’s solution. Experience is not an automatic predictor of expertise.
  • I will also be examining the team’s general approach to persuasion, the elements of which are essential to influencing a strong emotional case. As a certified *NLP practitioner, I have come to understand how the brain makes buying decisions and without this training, sellers will fall prey to common traps…

*Neuro Linguistic Programming (the science of human communication)

Performance management

  • What I’m looking for here is the metrics that are being measured and monitored, the type of meetings that are held with the sales staff and the reporting systems in use. If sales managers do not regularly (e.g. weekly 1:1 seller meetings) intervene to guide poor behaviour, they simply cannot have a real influence on the month end result.
  • Is sales management able to uncover the root cause of seller failure and determine effective corrective action? Without a documented sales process and entrenched selling skills methodology, that is respected and followed by the national sales force, sales managers will lack the benchmarks to trigger effective coaching.
  • How accurate is the sales forecasting? High inaccuracies here could indicate that the sales manager has lost control of his environment. Sales management is pivotal to the success of the sales operation, but they do require expertise outside of pure selling skills.

The report

My report will provide the following outcomes:

  • Any inefficiencies that are having a negative impact on profitability and the company’s true growth potential (sellers and sales managers)
  • Suggested remedial action through using:
  • your own internal resources
  • an outsourced training company