Exhibitions are a unique environment requiring unique selling skills.

Maximise the return on your investment through specialised training

Exhibition sales training

Huge expense is involved in exhibiting. However, little to no expense is allocated to upskilling sellers – the biggest contributors to your success.

Why spend a fortune attracting visitors to your stand only to default on converting this potential to real opportunities.  Exhibitors that believe that their seller’s normal selling skills are sufficient to be effective on the exhibition stand, will be on dangerous ground.

The selling at exhibitions introduces a very unfamiliar dynamic… limited time.  Exhibition selling is now a unique science, “Engage and Process.”  This becomes the only formula to optimise your time and develop more business.

You have two choices, either you approach the event hoping that sufficient opportunities will present themselves to enable a good return on your investment, or you can adopt a more proactive approach – leveraging the event in such a way as to have control over driving more opportunities.  With preparation, this is definitely within your grasp.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Strategic exhibition selling. Techniques to effectively open the conversation, identify key players, uncover areas of pain, exhibition demonstrations, getting referrals and how to deal with “I’m just looking.”
  • Setting Company objectives. Goals that drive specific activities to encourage increased opportunities outside of simply attracting new accounts on the day.
  • Setting sales targets. Techniques on setting realistic targets to guide the effective number of engagements for success and maximum return.
  • Data capturing. How to confidently capture visitor details that will assist in fulfilling the company objectives and facilitate professional follow up.
  • The sales manager role. Selecting the most suitable sellers for the job, Motivating on-going enthusiastic participation via daily briefings at the event, and thorough follow up after the event.


There’s no business like show business!