“I understand how the brain

makes buying decisions.”

Peter Enslin

About Us

In August 2016 I obtained my certification as an NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the science of human communication. This was a huge awakening for me as I realised that, while traditional sales training provided skills to present a logical business justification, it wasn’t enough to provide buyers with the absolute conviction needed to make a quick and confident buying decision. An unconscious connection of trust and participation also needs to be created. So, I have developed the Super Intelligent Sales Training Program to include these communication skills, placing buyers in a high state of influence.


My mission is to train salespeople to a point where their knowledge is developed into a real skill.  This requires post-training consultation, where I work with the sales management team to ensure that the sales force is being measured, monitored, and developed into a high-performance sales culture.

Why Executive Intervention?

  • Unique investigative procedures to ensure that the complexities of your sales environment and products are understood prior to the development of any intervention plan.
  • With my NLP training, I provide content that will ensure sellers can influence buying decisions in their favour, despite selling exactly the same products and services as your competitors.
  • Understanding the principals of adult learning ensures that knowledge is transferred into genuine seller skills long after the initial training is complete.
  • The setting of critical success factors and continued participation demonstrates our willingness to be held accountable for success rather than simple promises.
  • Sellers go through a certification procedure, to sell your products into your markets, 6 months after the training.