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What we do

Why the Super intelligent Sales Training program? Well, my programs will go way beyond traditional sales training.

Besides being a professional sales trainer, I am also a certified NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the science of human communication. Through my study I have come to understand how the brain makes buying decisions, and while traditional sales training is good and absolutely necessary, there are gaps when it comes to coaching sellers in the science of persuasion. This is my secret weapon!

In their enthusiasm for change, far too many companies jump too quickly into a transformation intervention without giving sufficient thought to what is sustainable in their environment.

Everybody knows that there is no perfect sales team – so there are inefficiencies within your current sales environment. The question is, is there sufficient cause for change? To bring this to your attention:

  • I can complete an assessment into your sales situation (approx..90 minutes), focussing on skills methodology, sales process and performance management. A report will be presented laying out any negative impact on profitability and the real growth potential.
  • You can complete the Survey: Challenges in the sales environment (Link to documents). I will revert with suggested remedial action

You be the judge –is there sufficient cause for change? There is no cost or obligation attached to these exercises

“I can exponentially increase your win rates, guaranteed! Let me introduce you to the science of persuasion”